MfcMapi error when opening public folders

There are a lot of little problems I run across that I never investigate, simply because there’s no impact and no one seems to care. I have my hands full investigating issues that are impacting people, so investing time to chase down something else is usually not a good use of my time.

One of those errors is something that MfcMapi returns when you open public folders. In many environments, including some of my own lab environments, if you open MfcMapi and double-click Public Folders, you get a dialog box stating that error 0x8004010f MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND was encountered when trying to get a property list.

If you click OK, a second error indicates that GetProps(NULL) failed with the same error.

After clicking OK on that error, and then double-clicking on the public folders again, you get the same two errors, but then it opens. At this point you can see the folders and everything appears normal.

I’ve been seeing this error for at least five years - maybe closer to ten. It’s hard to say at this point, but I’ve been seeing it for so long, I considered it normal. I never looked into it, because no one cared.

That is, until I got a case on it recently.

Some folks use MfcMapi as the benchmark to determine if things are working. If MfcMapi doesn’t work, then the problem is with Exchange, and their own product can’t be expected to work.

This was the basis for a recent case of mine. A third-party product wasn’t working, so they tried to open the public folders with MfcMapi, and got this error. Therefore, they could not proceed with troubleshooting until we fixed this error.

Of course, as far as I knew, this error was totally normal, and I told them so, but they still wanted us to track it down. Fortunately, this provided a perfect opportunity to chase down one of those little errors that has bothered me for years, but that I never investigated.

By debugging MfcMapi (hey, it’s open source, anyone can debug it) and taking an ExTRA trace on the Exchange side, we discovered that MfcMapi was trying to call GetPropList on an OAB that did not exist. Looking in the NON_IPM_SUBTREE, we only saw the EX: OAB, which Exchange hasn’t used since Exchange 5.5.

In Exchange 2000 and later, we use the various OABs created through the Exchange management tools. The name will still have a legacy DN, but it won’t start with EX:, so it’s easy to distinguish the real OABs from an old unused legacy OAB folder. Here’s what a real OAB looks like in the public folders, when it’s present:

In this case, we didn’t see the real OAB. We only saw the site-based OAB from the Exchange 5.5 days.

It turned out that the real OAB was set to only allow web-based distribution, not PF distribution. That explained why the OAB could not be seen in the NON_IPM_SUBTREE. Despite that fact, MfcMapi was still trying to call GetPropList on it. Since the folder didn’t exist, it failed with MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND.

Thus, one of the great mysteries of the universe (or at least my little Exchange Server universe) is finally solved!

In the customer environment, we fixed the error by enabling PF distribution for the OAB. I doubt this had anything to do with the issue the third-party tool was having, but who knows? At the very least, we were able to move the troubleshooting process forward by solving this, and maybe this blog post will save people from chasing their tails over this error in the future.

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