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TNEF property problem update

Back in January, I wrote a blog post about PF replication failing due to corrupt TNEF. The problem is caused by the presence of a couple of properties that have been deprecated and shouldn’t be presen

MfcMapi error when opening public folders

There are a lot of little problems I run across that I never investigate, simply because there’s no impact and no one seems to care. I have my hands full investigating issues that are impacting people

MapiExceptionNotFound during content replication

Today, I want to talk about another public folder replication problem we see repeatedly. Aren’t you glad PF replication is gone in Exchange 2013? This is one of the rarer public folder replication iss

Cleaning Up Microsoft Exchange System Objects (MESO)

Someone recently posted a question on an old blog post of mine: Bill, We have eliminated our public folders, and I would like to clean out the MESO folder. There are still hundreds of objects that pro