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Use MAPIFolders for the TNEF issue

I’ve written a couple of previous posts on the corrupt TNEF issue that causes this error: 1Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ConversionFailedException: The message content has become corrupted. --->

Database bloat in Exchange 2010

I keep deciding not to write this post, because Exchange 2010 is out of mainstream support. And yet, we are still getting these cases from time to time, so I suppose I will finally write it, and hope

Automating data collection with Powershell

One of the challenges with analyzing complex Exchange issues is data collection. Once the server goes into the failed state, any data collection at that point only shows us what the failed state looks

Directory Name Must Be Less Than 248 Characters

Over the holiday weekend, I was deleting some old projects out of my coding projects folder when Powershell returned an error stating, “The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully q

Working around findstr's regexp limitations

It’s my job to solve difficult problems involving Exchange Server, and this often involves a lot of various types of tracing. Almost daily, I find myself needing to parse through huge amounts of text

LDAP send queue limits cause event 2070 and 2084

I recently worked on an issue where the domain controllers kept intentionally disconnecting the Exchange servers. The error messages that described the reason for the disconnect were rather misleading

Delegated setup fails in Exchange 2013

In Exchange 2013, the built-in Delegated Setup role group allows users to install new Exchange 2013 servers after those servers have been provisioned with the /NewProvisionedServer switch. However, yo

Cleaning Up Microsoft Exchange System Objects (MESO)

Someone recently posted a question on an old blog post of mine: Bill, We have eliminated our public folders, and I would like to clean out the MESO folder. There are still hundreds of objects that pro