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A History of Cached Restrictions in Exchange

In this series of posts, I’m going to discuss three basic approaches to searching the content of Exchange mailboxes, and the tradeoffs that come with them. This series is for developers who are wr

Use MAPIFolders for the TNEF issue

I’ve written a couple of previous posts on the corrupt TNEF issue that causes this error: 1Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ConversionFailedException: The message content has become corrupted. --->

Database bloat in Exchange 2010

I keep deciding not to write this post, because Exchange 2010 is out of mainstream support. And yet, we are still getting these cases from time to time, so I suppose I will finally write it, and hope

DsQuerySitesByCost and public folder referrals

In Exchange 2010 and older, when you mount a public folder database, the Information Store service asks Active Directory for the costs from this site to every other site that contains a public folder